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Wander With Me

Looking for journey’s through daily routines, weekend getaways, vacations and any other way to escape to something new and adventurous.


Wander with me through photos, beer & ideation


A Digital Marketer

Who am i, what have I been doing and what else would you like to know? It all can be found here.

My Whereabouts

Indulge in our Epicurus trips that involve copious amounts of food, traveling and culture. There is only one way to figure it all out, which is trying new things.

Running Man

I have not hit my stride in trying to figure out what to do with running and half marathons. Is it a thing, an obsession, a fad, I do not know but I do know I enjoy it for the time being.

Daddy Patrol

One of the greatest gifts I have received to date has been the finding out that I am becoming a Dad. Every day it gets more real… March’17 is coming… HELP!

Looking to Connect?

I am a tourist at heart, loving to take it all in and take pictures while doing so. Here is a glimpse into my photography and journey-taking, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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